Office of the Commissioner for Educational Rights

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The Commissioner for Educational Rights

  • contributes to the promotion of citizens' rights concerning education of children, pupils, students, researchers, educators, teachers, parents and their associations
  • is directly and exclusively responsible to the Minister of Education

Who may file a petition?

  • any child, pupil, parent, educator, student, researcher, teacher or their associations may file a petition in individual cases, if - in their judgement - their guaranteed rights have been infringed or there is a direct threat of such infringement

When can you file a petition?

  • once you have exhausted all available legal remedies apart from court proceedings
  • if the decree or measure you wish to complain about has been brought within one year

What can be the subject of a petition?

  • decrees or measures brought or taken in individual cases, as well as omission of such decrees or measures, which infringe or present a direct threat of infringement of the guaranteed rights
  • rights guaranteed by the law for any association of children, pupils, parents, educators, students, researchers and teachers receive equal protection with individual rights

How can you submit your petition?

  • you may send a letter, an e-mail, fax or ask for a personal appointment
  • you should summarize the essence of your claim, and submit all available documents which support your standpoint
  • you may request your name to be handled confidentially

What happens to your petition?

The Commissioner shall investigate all petitions.

The Commissioner will dismiss a petition, if

  • the petition is not submitted by the claimant;
  • the petition is submitted after expiry of deadline;
  • the claimant did not exhaust all available remedies - with the exception of court proceedings;
  • court proceedings have been initiated or a court decision has entered into force in the case;
  • the Commissioner has already proceeded in the same case and the petition does not present new facts;
  • the petition is sent anonymously
  • the case is not within his competence (but he will name the competent organ)

If your petition is well founded, the Commissioner will initiate conciliation:

  • he will send the petition to the institution or person who had brought or omitted the decision in question for a declaration
  • he will initiate in writing that the claimant and the institution reach a consensus

If consensus is not reached by the parties, the Commissioner may initiate personal mediation.

If the institution or person has not terminated the infringement of guaranteed rights, the Commissioner initiates termination of the infringement or the direct threat of infringement. This can be initiated by telephone, fax or e-mail.

If the Commissioner finds that the initiative has not led to consensus, he prepares a recommendation to the institution or its supervisory organ.

The Commissioner may initiate ex-officio proceedings if he finds that a legal regulation, a measure or its omission may result in a grave infringement, or may infringe the rights of a larger group of citizens.

Decree no. 40/1999 ME of the Minister of Education on the Tasks and Operation of the Office of the Commissioner for Educational Rights

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